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Friday January 25th

Anorexia, Bulimia & The Skinny on Fat - J. Randle Adair

96 Hour Evaluations - Michael Wilkerson

OTC Substance Abuse and The Adolescent Brain - Brian Fingerson

Biopsychosocial Factors in Predisposition to Substance abuse - Edward Maxwell

ADHD Medication Abuse Potential - Catherine Martin

CoDependence: The Disease with all Addictive Diseases - Carol Cannon

Addiction and Personality Disorders Alexis Polles

Menopausal Women video - Alexis Polles


Saturday January 26th Talks

Neurobiology of Tobacco Dependence and Current Best Treatments - Richard Hurt

Treating Tobacco Dependence in Patients with Other Addictions - Richard Hurt

Evidence Based Addiction Treatment - Marvin Seppala

Methadone Related Deaths - Lon Hays, Greg Davis

Gender Differences in Alcoholism - Terry Alley

Up in Smoke - Marijuana Today - Burns M. Brady